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How to do consignment well...


if you never change your mind, why have one?


95% of all household textiles end up in the local landfill.


We can all make a big difference with small changes. Consigning your sellable items is a great start, but the reality is that not all items are able to be resold in the consignment store. Leaving your items at Sproutz & Uturn allows us to sell whats appropriate, thrift whats appropriate and recycle whats left over. We DO NOT send items overseas, which puts stress on economic systems, but we WILL sell items that are appropriate and get you some dollars back on your efforts to reduce and we WILL send items to Thriftopia getting much needed products into the hands of people in need. Partner with us and help us make a difference!

If its worth it we sell it!


If not, there are many places the items travel to:

  • Thriftopia - please see info

  • Foster kids of Calgary

  • Calgary Pregnancy Crisis Centre

  • Jacket Racket

  • local schools

  • Alberta Childrens Hospital

  • local artisans for up-cycling


After this list, we still have aprox. 100 garbage bags a week Diabetes Association picks up for recycling

How Thriftopia works..


Thriftopia came to be in the summer of 2013. Sproutz and Uturn had grown so much that the only local company able to handle the amount of extra items were large resale stores. We figured there must be a better way to sell these less valuable items with the hope of supporting local charities and green initiatives. All adult items are $3 and kidz items are $2 allowing those in need affordable access to clothing. Alongside a strong staff, volunteers work at Thriftopia. Every hour logged earns $20 towards an approved charity. In the past several years, Thriftopia has helped houses be built in Mexico, schools be built in Guatemala, clean water in India, girls sent to nursing school, boys sent to trade school and dozens of animals purchased to help families support themselves. Thriftopia sent hundreds of coats to adults and kids not adequately clothed for Calgary winters and filled 20 specific Christmas hamper requests. We are also very excited to support several local up-cycle artists with supplies like leather and textiles to be recycled into new re-purposed products. Thriftopia moved into their much larger, current warehouse style location in the winter of 2018, please come check us out!

make the most from your items:


freshly launder

neatly fold

bring in season (same as mall)

current (2 years or newer)

complete sets

leave toys with working batteries

sort kidz and adults into appropriate bins


leave items with odors (smoke)

just dump in bin

leave costumes in Nov

drop off intimate items

leave pilly, stained, stretched or items with broken zippers

leave toys with missing pieces

stuff garbage bag in bin

leave puzzles, plush or VHS

leave items with garage sale or community sale stickers

we receive between 150 - 300 bins of consignment every day mon-fri. please recognize it is an immense amount of work to process this much clothing, if you help us by following these simple do's and don't we can help you make the most from your items.